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Local Fort Worth Resident called Fort Worth Police regarding a neighbor choking her 7 year old son. Once cops were called it appears the victim turn to culprit. Local activists appear to when to the Fort Worth Downtown Police Station.. Stay Tuned 817TheFunk.com Fort Worth Community Radio Station
Courtesy of Facebook
Here is a clip from last night protest rally. Please be advised due to graphic language. Very powerful message from one of the attendees last night. Click here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nX3MSrSE8js
Fort Worth Protesters plan on gathering this evening at
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Local Activists and Pastors met with the media today at Beth Eden Church on Wilbarger Ave in Fort Worth, Texas today to discuss the recent events regarding the Fort Worth Police and Jacqueline Craig. Below is a clip of the event.
Police has decided to forward the case to the Tarrant County District Attorney, has not been arrested and the police appears to still be on desk duty.
Police Officer will serve a 10 day without paid suspension after a facebook video goes viral regarding a 7 year old child being choked by the neighbor and the officer Officer will go back to the same community where the incident happen after the Check out  Sunday Dinner Show every Thursday @ 8:30 pm CST on
5:41 PM 1/13/2017 Fort Worth Police Community 1 12 17 Chief Fitzgerald and Council Members with Mayor Price discussing the end results and why they should the 10 day Suspension 817TheFunk.com